Interview with John Beddome

Questions & Answers

What’s it been like for yourself investing in real estate?
It’s been challenging but well worth the effort. I benefited greatly by connecting with other experienced real estate investors and have committed myself to continually learning and improving our systems. I’ve been able to grow our investment portfolio far beyond what I dreamed possible. That is why I feel it is so important for real estate investors to select their professional team, from mortgage broker to real estate lawyer, based on their personal understanding and working knowledge of investing in real estate.
Do you do property management?
My real estate administrator Louise Solecki and I specialize in tenant placement services. Finding the right tenant is the most important aspect of managing your investment. We have finding the right tenants down to a fine-tuned system. For ongoing property management, we prefer to use a property manager for our multi-family and we manage or own single-family properties.
What areas are you most familiar with?
I like to say that, “we happily live, work, and play in the beautiful City of Barrie”. I also work in Orillia, Innisfil, and the municipality of Essa including the town of Angus near Canadian Forces Base Bordan. No matter what areas you are interested in, I highly recommend working with local professionals.
What did you do before you got into real estate?
I’m originally from a farm in Manitoba and moved to Barrie as a competitive figure skater. I studied business at Georgian College and then obtained a Commerce degree from Ryerson University. During my student days my friend and I co-founded Excel Projects, a contracting company, that we built up and sold and it’s still operating in the GTA. Since then real estate has been my full time passion.